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100ton Automatic rice mill production line

This 100T/D Rice Mill Plant is a large capacity rice mill processing project which can get 4-5ton final rice from paddy rice. It contains a full set of rice processing machines like the paddy rice cleaner machine, rice de-stoner machine, rice huller machine, paddy rice separator machine, rice mill machine, rice polisher machine, rice color sorter machine, rice packing machine, and rice elevators.

100ton Technical parameter:

Capacity100ton/day 24hours

100T/D Complete Rice Mill Plant Working Process

The 100T/D complete rice mill project can process paddy into national standard rice just in one process at the following flow chart:

Raw material feeding → Vibrated cleaner & Destoner → Rice Husker→Paddy Rice Separator → Rice Mill →Rice Polisher → Rice Grader→ Rice Color Sorter → Packing

Then the rice can be on market for sale.

100T/D Complete Rice Mill Plant Product features:

1. This machine integrates multiple functions such as stone removal, vibration, impurity removal, hulling, rice milling, and sieving. Fully automatic operations from paddy to white rice.

2. The new fully automatic rice machine with gravity paddy separator, is easy to operate and convenient

3. Neat and beautiful structure, low energy consumption, convenient operation and maintenance, and easy disassembly and assembly of all equipment

4. The rice milling part of the combined rice mill plant adopts negative pressure rice milling technology, which has low rice temperature, less chaff, and less broken rate

5. Designed according to advanced technological requirements, the complete set of rice mills are arranged in a "one" shape, and the main operations are concentrated on one side, which is convenient for operation

6、Length grader and thickness grader machine can be chose for using.

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