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2 Ton Per Hour Fully Automatic Parboiled Rice Milling Machinery

This rice mill is a set of machines that can process 2 tons of paddy into white rice per hour. It consists of a cleaner, a husker, a separator, a whitener, a grader and a color sorter. The cleaner removes impurities from the paddy, the husker removes the husk, the separator separates the brown rice from the husk, the whitener polishes the brown rice into white rice, the grader separates different quality rice and broken rice, and the color sorter removes bad rice and other grains. The rice mill has a high efficiency, quality and output. It is suitable for small and medium-sized rice processing plants

100ton Technical parameter:

Capacity25ton/day 24hours
Power84.64 Kw

25T/D Rice Mill Equipment Layout Design


The Modern Rice Milling System Consists Of: 

Parboiling involves partial boiling of the paddy before milling in order to increase its nutritial value, to change the texture of cooked rice, and reduce the breakage in milling,the whole process include:

Cleaning - soaking - steaming - drying - husking - milling - polishing&grading - color sorting - packing--sealing.

Item No.Processing flowDescription
1CleaningRemove the dust.stone and other impurities from the paddy
2SoakingMake paddy absorb enough water, during the course of starch pasting paddy must absorb above 30% water
3Steaming/parboilingTo change the physical structure of rice and keep the nutrition, to increase the production ratio and make rice easy to store
4Drying The aim of drying is to make moisture reduced from around 35% to around 14%
5Husking&separatingAfter soaking and steaming it will be very easy to husk the paddy and save energy
6Rice millingUse the rice emery roller milling and horizontal rice miling machine to mill it.
7Polishing&grading Use the mist polisher to make the rice smoothly to increase the rice quality;
8GradingTo separate different quality rice and separate broken rice from the good ones
9Color sortingTo select the bad rice and other grains to ensure we can get high quality rice
10Packing &sealingTo pack the rice into 5kg 10kg,25kg or 50kg/bags
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