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Automatic Mini Rice Mill Plant: A Smart Choice for Rice Processing


Rice is one of the most important staple foods in the world, and its demand is increasing every year. However, rice processing is not an easy task, especially for small-scale farmers and entrepreneurs who want to start their own rice business. That’s why an automatic mini rice mill plant is a smart choice for them.

An automatic mini rice mill plant is a compact and efficient rice processing machine that can produce high-quality rice from paddy in a short time. It has many advantages over traditional rice mills, such as:

  • It can process different varieties of rice, such as long-grain, short-grain, basmati, jasmine, etc.
  • It can remove the husk, bran, and germ from the paddy, and polish the rice to make it white and shiny.
  • It can separate the broken rice from the whole rice, and reduce the wastage and loss of rice.
  • It can adjust the milling degree according to the customer’s preference, and produce different grades of rice.
  • It can save labor, time, energy, and space, and reduce the production cost and environmental pollution.

An automatic mini rice mill plant consists of several machines that work together to complete the rice processing. According to, a typical mini rice mill plant includes:

  • A paddy cleaner and de-stoner that removes the dust, debris, stones, and other impurities from the paddy.
  • A rice huller that removes the husk from the paddy by using rubber or emery rollers.
  • A rice separator that separates the brown rice from the paddy by using gravity and friction.
  • A rice mill machine that whitens and polishes the brown rice by using abrasive or frictional forces.
  • A color sorter that sorts the rice by color and removes any discolored or defective grains.
  • A rice grader that grades the rice by size and quality.
  • A packing machine that packs the rice into bags or boxes.

How to Buy an Automatic Mini Rice Mill Plant?

If you are interested in buying an mini rice mill plant, you need to consider some factors before making your decision, such as:

  • The capacity of the plant: how much paddy can it process per hour or per day?
  • The quality of the plant: how reliable and durable are the machines? What are the warranty and after-sales service terms?
  • The price of the plant: how much does it cost? Is it within your budget? Are there any hidden fees or charges?
  • The supplier of the plant: who are they? How long have they been in this business? What are their reputation and customer feedback?

One way to find a good supplier of automatic mini rice mill plants is to search online. You can compare different products and prices from different websites,such as .  You can also contact them directly and ask for more information or quotations.

However, you should also be careful when buying online, as there may be some risks or scams involved. You should always check the credibility and authenticity of the supplier, and avoid paying in advance or using unsecured payment methods. You should also inspect the plant before buying it, and make sure it meets your expectations and requirements.

An automatic mini rice mill plant is a great investment for anyone who wants to start or expand their own rice business. It can help you produce high-quality rice with less effort and cost, and increase your profits and competitiveness. If you are looking for a reliable and affordable automatic mini rice mill plant, you can search online or contact us for more details. We are a professional manufacturer and supplier of various types of rice processing machines, and we can customize our products according to your needs. We hope to hear from you soon!

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