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Fully Automatic Packing Machine

It is high-speed quantitative packaging machine suitable for different particle like rice,feed,pellet and other particles.The packing weight can be adjustable.

Fully Automatic Packing Machine Technical parameter:

Weighing Range2.5-15kg5-25kg5-25kg5-25kg10-50kg10-50kg

Fully Automatic Packing Machine Product features:

The Automatic Packing Machine is designed for the bulk packaging of powder and particle materials with good fluidity. Self-flow feeding and gross weight metering can realize manual bagging, hanging sling, automatic bag clamping and automatic feeding material, automatic weighing, automatic bagging, heavy bag conveying and other functions, compact structure, simple operation and convenient loading and unloading, high reliability.

It has some features:

►Weighing packaging of granular materials such as rice ,grains with good flowing property;

►Rotary multi-station technology;

►Suitable for flat PE bags and buckle PE bags;

►Three-sensor weighing structure;

►Touch screen,PLC,Servo system;

►Fault self-Check Function.

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