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VS Series Palletizing Robot

Palletizing bags, boxes, barrels and other products.

VS Series Palletizing Robot Technical parameter:

CapacityUp to 1000 times/hour
Work weight160kg
Robot weight750kg
Control modePLC
Air consumption100m³/h
Air pressure0.5Mpa
Operating RangeZ axis: 2400mm (vertical up and down)
R axis: 1600mm (front and rear)
θ axis: 330 degrees (horizontal rotation)
α axis: 330 degrees (vertical rotation)

VS Series Palletizing Robot features:

Palletizing Robot provides higher production efficiency for modern production. Stacking machines are widely used in the stacking industry. The palletizing robot greatly saves labor and space. The stacking robot operates flexibly and accurately, quickly and efficiently, with high stability and high efficiency.

It has some features:

►Palletizing bags, boxes, barrels and other products; Touch screen teaching support system;

►1/0 point monitoring of instant input and output; Just enter the data and number on the touch screen to complete the production conversion;

►The error message screen is displayed, and the previous error message is recorded to avoid error regeneration;

►Fault and maintenance fault help and support display; Maintenance update time reminder.

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