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Rice Color Sorter

Color sorter is a professional machine used for separating the different colors impurity from the materials to make high quality and high purity products.

Rice Color Sorter Technical Parameters:

Executing unit448512640768
Air consumption (L/min)1800-36002200-40002400-45002700-5000

Rice Color Sorter Product features:

The Rice Color Sorter selected material enters the machine from the top hopper, and through the vibration of the vibrator device, the selected material slides down the channel, accelerates the fall into the observation area in the sorting room, and passes between the sensor and the background plate. Under the action of the light source, according to the intensity and color of the light, the system generates an output signal to drive the solenoid valve to work to blow out the different-colored particles into the waste cavity of the hopper, and the good selected materials continue to fall to the finished cavity of the hopper. in order to achieve the purpose of selection.

It has some features:

1、The machine uses 2048 pixel new high-end CCD sensor, with a high-quality optical lens, which can be observed from the front and back in the direction of the material surface color and shape differences, identify material 0.3 x 0.15 mm nuances;

2、This machine is a fully digital circuit, fast response, data processing ability, ensure the whole machine stable and reliable performance;

3、The machine with a variety of color selection modes, it can remove yellow and black at the same time. The users can set targets according to the actual situation of the selected item. Accurate control of color sorting accuracy of the machine, increasing the efficiency of color sorters;

4、The machine adopts a color big screen touch screen, clear and beautiful, friendly interface, user-friendly operation;

5、The front panel of the machine cabinet is provided with a light indicating lamp which displays the working state of the machine, which is convenient for the user to master the working condition of the machine in time;

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