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VSLB10 rice huller

This rice huller machine is a rubber roller working rice processing machine. It is usually used for removing the paddy rice outside husk out from the paddy in the rice processing plant.

VSLB10 rice huller Technical parameter:

Rubber roller length(mm)254
Rubber roller diameter(mm)Φ255
Air volume (m³/h)3500-4000

VSLB10 rice huller Product features:

The machine be used to husk for paddy and millet,the principle is depen on a pair of rubber rollers which have different linea speed which with opposite direction moving to squeeze and twist & tear grain for husking, adopting pneumatic system to adjust tighten roller pressure air cylinder control rubber roller by automatic detection, and to push two roller* s touching and separating, mean while have grain passing, the roller touching, and without grain passing the roller separating,Also Below can separate brow rice and husk.Brown rice & husk separating through a internal fan by it' s different gravity & suspend speed

Rice huller has some features:

1、High degree of automation

2、Large output, high shelling rate, low broken rice rate, stable work, and low noise

3、Stepless adjustment of tight roller pressure, suitable for different varieties of rice processing

4、The fast and slow rollers are automatically exchanged, and the rubber rollers can be used simultaneously without manual exchange in the middle.

5、Perfect motor overload automatic protection function, equipment operation is more reliable

6、Self-contained fan, no need to pass through the wind net

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