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The Benefits of a Complete Rice Mill Rice Processing Plant


Rice is one of the most important staple foods in the world, and it requires proper processing to ensure its quality and safety. A complete rice mill rice processing plant is a comprehensive solution that can handle all the stages of rice production, from paddy cleaning to rice packing.

A complete rice mill rice processing plant consists of various machines that work together to achieve optimal results. Some of the main machines are:

How a Complete Rice Mill Rice Processing Plant Works

  • Rice cleaner: This machine removes impurities such as dust, stones, straw, and other foreign materials from the paddy rice. It also separates the paddy rice by size and shape, making it easier for the next machines to process.
  • Rice huller: This machine removes the husk from the paddy rice, exposing the brown rice kernel. The husk is collected and can be used as fuel or fertilizer.
  • Rice separator: This machine separates the brown rice from the paddy rice based on their specific gravity. The huller receives the paddy rice for further processing, while the polisher gets the brown rice.
  • Rice mill: This machine removes the bran layer from the brown rice, producing white rice. Animal feed or oil extraction can use the collected bran..
  • Rice polisher: This machine polishes the white rice by applying friction and water, giving it a smooth and shiny appearance. It also removes any remaining bran particles and improves the taste and texture of the rice.
  • Rice grader: This machine sorts the white rice by size and quality, separating the broken grains from the whole grains. Making flour or other products can use the broken grains, while packing the whole grains.
  • Silky polisher: This machine applies a thin layer of water-soluble wax on the surface of the white rice, making it more glossy and slippery. It also reduces the adhesion and abrasion of the rice grains, extending their shelf life and preventing insects and mold.
  • Color sorter: This machine uses optical sensors and air jets to detect and remove any discolored or defective grains from the white rice, ensuring a premium final product.
  • Packing machine: This machine weighs and packs the white rice into bags or cartons according to the desired specifications. It also prints labels and seals the packages securely.

A complete rice mill rice processing plant can process 4.5-5 ton paddy into 3-3.5 ton white rice per hour1. It can also produce different types of rice according to customer demand, such as long-grain, short-grain, basmati, jasmine, parboiled, etc.

A complete rice mill rice processing plant is a smart investment for anyone who wants to start or expand their rice business. It can save labor costs, reduce energy consumption, increase efficiency, improve quality, and generate more profits.

If you are interested in buying a complete rice mill rice processing plant, you can contact us for more information. We are a professional manufacturer and supplier of rice milling machines in China, with over 20 years of experience. Can offer you customized solutions according to your needs and budget.

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Complete Rice Mill Rice Processing Plant
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