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What is Rice Polisher?


A rice polishing machine is an indispensable tool in the finishing process of brown rice. It can effectively remove the bran powder on the surface of the rice grains and make the starch on the surface of the rice grains gelatinized, thus presenting a better good commercial appearance effect. It is used in rice processing plants widely.

What are The Main Structure and Characteristics of a Rice Polishing Machine?

The main structures of various types of rice polishing machines are similar. Generally, they are mainly composed of a spraying part, a polishing part, a water supply system, and a blowing mechanism. The characteristics and functions of each part are as follows:

Spraying water part: This part is mainly composed of the nozzle, nozzle cleaner, water mixer, feeding screw, stirring roller, etc. When the material passes through the flow meter, the flow rate is measured, thereby controlling the amount of water added.

Polishing part: The polishing part is the core part of the rice polishing machine, which is composed of a feeding screw, a polishing roller, an octagonal sieve tube composed of eight rice sieves, and a discharge pressure gate. The polishing roller is divided into iron roller and sand roller according to the nature of the material. The design should make it clear that the linear speed of the sand roller is higher than the linear speed of the iron roller (the linear speed of the iron roller is about 5m/s, the polishing pressure is higher, and the average value is 0.1MPa. The linear speed of the sand roller is about 15m/s, the polishing pressure is low, and the average value is 0.02MPa).

Water supply system: The water supply system consists of a flow meter, a pressure-reducing valve, a solenoid valve, and a control box. It is used to supply water to the water part and adjust the water supply amount according to the material flow rate.

Air-blowing mechanism: The air-blowing mechanism is composed of a high-pressure fan and an air inlet sleeve. The fan is directly installed on the air inlet sleeve, and the windblown from the fan enters the hollow shaft through the air inlet sleeve through the shaft hole and then sprays into the polishing room from the polishing roller spray groove.

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